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Higher Education

Elevate the Student Experience

Your students view Wi-Fi as a standard utility in the classroom, and especially the residence hall—as basic as electricity or running water. Accessing high-bandwidth video services, gaming, class materials and social applications is a big part of engaging in campus life. If you’re asking students to spend years of their lives at your institution, you better be prepared to give them the same kind of social, mobile and connected experiences on campus that they have at home.

To do it, you’ll need to find ways to onboard and manage all those diverse devices without creating constant headaches for your users and your help desk. You’ll need to deliver consistent performance across thousands of dorm rooms and tens of thousands of devices. And you’ll need to accommodate students, faculty and guests using devices you can’t control, without compromising security.

It’s a lot pressure—the kind that makes kids pull a fire alarm in the middle of a final. Don’t stress, Ruckus can help.