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Tricon Services uses the latest Video and WiFi technology to bring your customers the best TV and Internet service possible. The number one amenity guests look for when staying at a hotel is WiFi.

MDU TV Services


Tricon Serices offers the latest Video distribution for your Hotel or MDU property.


  Our Video Services offer:


  • Bulk Rate Packages

  • HD over Coax

  • Up To 90% Less Power Usage

  • Cost Effective Deployments

  • Small Footprint



MDU WiFi Services


Tricon Services offers the latest WiFi Technology for your Hotel or MDU property.


  Our WiFi Services offer:


  • Whole Property WiFi

  • Fast, Reliable Connections

  • Quality of Service 

  • Cost Effective Deployments

  • Customized Splash Pages





Protect your assets and increase total property security with the many products we offer.



 Tricon Security Services offers:


  • Security Cameras

  • Access Control

  • Alarm Systems

  • Virtual Presence Remote Guards