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Senior Living Properties 


We pride ourselves in bringing value, transparency and dedication to our customers. We sell value or we choose not to sell at all. It won’t take long to see we are dedicated to customer service, building long lasting relationships, and providing solutions to increase your Net Operating Income (NOI).  As a commitment to our customers and “Our Way of Paying It Forward” we offer bulk rate pricing to senior properties to allow an affordable alternative to high cost cable TV.



This is a TV, Phone and Internet bundled package that we offer at a bulk rate. When sold to the property we can offer prices starting at $55.00 per unit.


We offer bulk rate pricing for the following reasons: 


  • It allows the property to add a margin thus creating an additional revenue stream 

  • Bulk pricing is only offered when the property includes the services in the rent

  • The program is priced to increase NOI and provide a savings to the Seniors from over priced cable 

  • Through our partnership you become your own service provider 




An increasing number of senior residents want to use the Internet to keep in touch with friends, children or other relatives who can’t be there to visit regularly. Providing wireless Internet access is a smart and economical way to stay ahead of the competition.


 Wireless Services include:


  • Whole Property WiFi Access

  • Fast, Reliable Service

  • Easy of use

  • Cost effective solutions



Protect your assets and increase total property security with the many products we offer.



  Security Services include:


  • Security Cameras

  • Access Control

  • Alarm Systems

  • Virtual Presence Remote Guards